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Press Release for Text to 911

From: The 911 PSAPS (Public Safety Answering Points) in Utah County, all police and fire chiefs of Utah County and the Utah County Sheriff’s Department.

To: All Utah News media

Regarding: Text to 911

We are pleased to announce residents anywhere in Utah County can text “911” on their cell phones and be connected with a 911 dispatcher in an emergency.

Speaking directly to a 911 dispatcher is always the best and fastest way to get help in an emergency or to report a crime in progress. If you can call 911 for help, please do, but for those times when you can’t call, there is now “Text to 911”. This new feature is also a benefit to the hearing impaired and can be helpful in an emergency as opposed to a voice call to 911.

Texting 911 gives emergency dispatchers the capability to communicate with citizens who find themselves in a position where they are unable to call 911 because of serious situations where calling for police assistance may expose a caller to more danger. Cases of abuse, burglary and robbery have been successfully reported across the country by callers who have been able to text 911 without tipping off a suspect. We are happy to be able to offer this life saving service to our citizens.

This announcement covers all cities and all of the unincorporated areas in Utah County. As the public safety professionals in Utah County we are always working to improve our ability to respond to emergencies to help keep you safe.

  Press Release for Text to 911 011718

To make an effective difference in the community by providing high-quality, professional and effective communications, and to ensure responder safety, while striving to save lives and protect property. Through cooperation, continued education and our commitment to excellence, we are the vital link to emergency services.

Utah Valley Dispatch Special Service District is a public safety communications center answering 9-1-1 emergency calls for police, fire and emergency medical needs throughout Utah County. The communications center provides dispatch services to nineteen cities, towns and unincorporated areas of Utah County.

Located in Spanish Fork, Utah, the dispatch district serves the citizens who live, work and visit, as well as travel through, the following cities and townships: Alpine, American Fork, Cedar Fort, Cedar Hills, Eagle Mountain, Elk Ridge, Fairfield, Genola, Goshen, Highland, Lehi, Payson, Salem, Santaquin, Saratoga Springs, Spanish Fork, Vineyard, Woodland Hills, and unincorporated areas of Utah County.

The areas within Utah County served by the special service district encompass over 2,000 square miles, with an approximate population of 300,000. The geographical area of Utah County is a mix of urban and rural, with vast residential communities, a strong agricultural and farming base, as well as mountainous and waterway recreational areas.


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